The Kentucky Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy® recently honored three teachers who have done an exceptional job of teaching financial literacy concepts to their students.

The 2011 winners of the Jump$tart Coalition Financial Literacy Teacher of the Year awards are Kristy Burberry, a business and marketing teacher at Menifee County High School in Frenchburg; Kelly Scheuher, a family and consumer sciences teacher at Hopkinsville High School in Hopkinsville; and Amanda Comstock, a business and marketing teacher at Bullitt East High School in Mt. Washington.

Burberry was presented her award during a Sept. 9 pep rally at Menifee County High. Scheuher received her award Sept. 13 at the Christian County Board of Education. Comstock will receive her award at a future date.

Each of the winners will receive $250, which will be used to buy financial literacy materials for their classrooms and training. The awards are funded by two Kentucky Jump$tart partners — the Kentucky Society of CPAs and Class Action Federal Credit Union.

This marks the second year of the Kentucky Jump$tart Coalition Financial Literacy Teacher of the Year award. The award is open to teachers in grades K-12 who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to teaching financial literacy topics and motivating students to learn about personal finance.

“Through the generosity of our partners, Jump$tart is pleased to be able to reward three teachers who have shared financial literacy with their students in unique and exciting ways,” said Kentucky Jump$tart President Kelly May. “We appreciate the investment that these teachers have made in learning new concepts and techniques to teach personal financial literacy. These educators have imparted valuable information that will help students succeed throughout life, and we congratulate them.”