The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is seeking volunteer districts to pilot Schoolnet’s Assessment Admin module of the Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System (CIITS) starting Nov. 28.

Using a standards-based item bank, select teachers at participating schools within districts will be required to administer daily formative assessments through CIITS. Teachers and administrators will be able to use the resulting data in the module to see where individual student learning gaps exist and to help differentiate instruction to meet student needs. Training will be provided.

The pilot will help the CIITS project team gather feedback about implementation that will ultimately be used to make product adjustments prior to statewide rollout in January 2012.

The following criteria will be used for identification of participating districts:

  • demonstration of Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching and Learning in Kentucky classrooms
  • commitment to the formative assessment process;
  • accurate and up-to-date information captured in Infinite Campus (i.e., accurate student- and teacher-level data)
  • School districts may currently be implementing 1-to-1 technology initiatives.
  • School districts may be identified as Next-Generation Learning Innovation sites.

Each superintendent will be required to grant permission for each school in the district that wishes to participate.

Once selected, the following non-negotiable assurances are required for participation:

1. Each participating teacher and administrator must undergo training. Training will begin the week after Thanksgiving. The specific training schedule will be delivered in November.

2. Each participating teacher must provide teacher-administered classroom formative assessments online through CIITS during the two-week period (Dec. 5-12).

3. The district must meet the CIITS tech check requirements to support online teacher-administered classroom formative assessment: 

  • Tech Check:
  • Bandwidth: 25 kbps per concurrent user (minimal) – increases based on content viewed by user

4. By Dec. 23, each district is required to provide feedback to KDE about the CIITS user experience of the formative assessment component of the Assessment Admin module. A survey will be provided to all participants in order to collect feedback.

5. Districts have until Oct. 27 to indicate their interest in participating. From those districts responding, pilot districts will be selected and notified no later than Nov. 4. For those not selected to participate in the pilot, training will be provided in early 2012.

To volunteer for the CIITS classroom formative assessment pilot or for more information, please contact Joe McCowan.