The Prichard Committee’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (CIPL) opened its 15th annual session in August, promising to push the number of fellows statewide to more than 1,600 by year’s end.

The program has been replicated in several states and studied by researchers to determine its success in developing a cadre of informed advocates for improvement in their local schools.

Some of the cumulative effects of the Commonwealth Institute include:

  • 47 local school board members are CIPL fellows (graduates).
  • More than 750 fellows serve on their local school councils or committees.
  • More than 30 fellows are employed as educators.
  • 60 percent of fellows reported completing projects aimed at academic improvement and increased parent involvement in their children’s school.
  • Two fellows have been appointed to the Kentucky Board of Education; two others were appointed to the Education Professional Standards Board.
  • 24 Prichard Committee members and 12 Prichard staff members are fellows.
  • Parents from racial minorities made up 16 percent of fellows, and men about 20 percent.
  • 344 other Kentuckians have participated in spinoff parent leadership programs focused on arts programs or early childhood education.

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