Fifty-six Kentucky school principals will receive executive-level leadership training as participants in an institute created and funded by the state’s business community through the Kentucky Chamber Foundation.

The principals were chosen as the class of 2013 (two groups of 28 each) for the Leadership Institute for School Principals that will begin this summer at the nationally-recognized Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in Greensboro, N.C. It will continue with two follow-up sessions in the fall and early next year at the Kentucky Chamber’s headquarters in Frankfort.

CCL is a top-ranked global provider of executive education founded in 1970 that established an education and nonprofit section in 1988. Many Kentucky corporations use CCL to provide training for their executives.

Elementary, middle and high school principals from across Kentucky representing both public and private schools applied for the institute. Participants were selected by an advisory board made up of business leaders and school superintendents. The institute is being supported by generous donations from businesses across the state.

“We are excited about being able to offer this opportunity to educators in Kentucky,” said Dave Adkisson, secretary of the Chamber Foundation and president and CEO of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. “Employers understand the positive impact of strong leadership in the workplace, and the same is true of schools. That’s why we think it is important Kentucky principals be given executive-level training similar to that provided for corporate leaders.”

The participating principals will attend at no cost to themselves. Tuition and hotel costs will be paid by the Kentucky Chamber Foundation, and each participant will receive a stipend to cover travel and meals.

Public school principals attending the institute are:

  • Stephanie Allen – Dixie Elementary School, Jefferson County
  • DeeAnne Arant – Carlisle County Middle School, Carlisle County
  • Geoffrey Bailey – Grapevine Elementary School, Hopkins County
  • Tracy Barber – Okolona Elementary School, Jefferson County
  • Brian Bond – Hunter Hills Elementary School, Laurel County
  • Freddie Bowling – Virgie School, Pike County
  • Bill Bradford – Sixth District Elementary School, Covington Independent
  • Melissa Brantley – Morganfield Elementary School, Union County
  • Chris Burba – Meyzeek Middle School, Jefferson County
  • Kim Carnes – Burlington Elementary School, Boone County
  • Beth Carpenter – Rosenwald-Dunbar Elementary School, Jessamine County
  • Ronald Chi – The Learning Center at Linlee, Fayette County
  • Adam Cross – Bowling Green Junior High School, Bowling Green Independent
  • Michelle Dillard – Seneca High School, Jefferson County
  • Amanda Ellis – Emma B. Ward Elementary, Anderson County
  • Tim Foster – Gavin H. Cochran Elementary School, Jefferson County
  • Susan Glenn – Blake Elementary School, Jefferson County
  • Pam Gooch – Fairdale Elementary, Jefferson County
  • Stacey Hall – Marion County High School, Marion County
  • Diane Hatchett – Hancock County Middle School, Hancock County
  • Steve Heckman – Highland Midddle School, Jefferson County
  • Tim Huddleston – Paducah Middle School, Paducah Independent
  • Gary Hurt – Valley High School, Jefferson County
  • Jennifer Hutchison – Picadome Elementary School, Fayette County
  • Shawn Jennings – Blaine Elementary School, Lawrence County
  • Jill Maynard – Southside Elementary School, Pike County
  • David Meinschein – Ballard Memorial High School, Ballard County
  • Justin Moore – Mason County Middle School, Mason County
  • Tad Mott – North Livingston Elementary School, Livingston County
  • Stephanie Nutter – Atkinson Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Jefferson County
  • Shane Pickerill – Crofton Elementary School, Christian County
  • Tommy Potter – East Valley Elementary School, Morgan County
  • Greg Ross – McNabb Elementary School, Paducah Independent
  • Charles Rowe – Allen Elementary School, Floyd County
  • Tim Roy – Webster County High School, Webster County
  • David Rust – Rector A. Jones Middle School, Boone County
  • Stephanie Smith – Trunnell Elementary School, Jefferson County
  • Shannon Solomon – Central Elementary School, Marshall County
  • Jon Stevens – Cannonsburg Elementary School, Boyd County
  • Tiffany Stith – Smyrna Traditional Elementary School, Jefferson County
  • Jon Stratton – Robert D. Johnson Elementary, Fort Thomas Independent
  • Faith Stroud – T. T. Knight Middle School, Jefferson County
  • Patrice Thompson – Conkwright Middle School, Clark County
  • Debbie Upton – Christian County Middle School, Christian County
  • Allyson Vitato – Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary School, Jefferson County
  • Eric Wheatley – Dixon Elementary School, Webster County
  • Joe Wright – Gallatin Elementary School, Gallatin County
  • Pam Wright – Russell Primary School, Russell Independent
  • Katy Zeitz – Waggener High School, Jefferson County