For more than 30 years, the Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA) has provided Kentucky school boards with a fee-based superintendent search service. Hundreds of boards have utilized the service in that time to find the “right” superintendent.

After three decades, KSBA has added features that recognize the opportunities for doing more online and through electronic forms, and reducing the reliance on a paper-driven process. These new options are designed to enhance this program.

As of now, all new superintendent searches conducted by KSBA will include these elements:

  • The application process is totally electronic, allowing the applicant to enter the KSBA website and securely complete all forms, answer questions and provide requested data.
  • The new application process eliminates multiple paper copies when applying for one or several superintendent vacancies, thus greatly reducing paperwork for the applicant and the district.
  • Applicant information is archived for storage on a secure, password-protected database for future reference, creating a larger selection pool for future searches.
  • The KSBA Superintendent Search Service facilitator will provide a thumb drive with all applicant data downloaded to each member of the screening committee.
  • Districts may choose the Comprehensive Plan for an all-inclusive search service or choose the Basic Plan and identify what choices are appropriate for their search.

More information will be coming soon on the KSBA website’s superintendent search page at