The Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS) recently announced the launch of a mobile application for rapid access to online resources and emergency procedures for elementary and secondary school leaders.

According to KCSS Executive Director Jon Akers, the mobile app can be used on any smartphone or tablet computer for rapid access to emergency response protocols and planning information when a crisis occurs.

The mobile app gives users access to such things as:

  • emergency procedures checklist
  • bomb threat or threat of harm reports
  • accidents at school
  • hostage situations
  • bus accidents
  • severe weather reports

Karen McCuiston, director of the resource center for Kentucky Center for School Safety, said this app is essential for school leaders and other district administrators.

“School leaders must be prepared for a variety of crises both in scope and intensity. When the crisis strikes, it is not the moment to start the planning process,” McCuiston said. “The new KCSS mobile site was created to be a primary source for immediate response to emergencies and for preparing and planning when time allows. This resource has the capability to be at your fingertips and not just on your shelf, saving time and possibly precious lives.”

David DeVoss, Murray State University’s chief of police, agreed.

“I see the KCSS’s new mobile response site as an invaluable tool to shave off crucial minutes during a crisis situation for both K-12 schools and universities,” he said. “Being able to use your cell phone or tablet to access your crisis procedures has the potential to save lives.”

Full information about the KCSS mobile app is available on the center’s website about two-thirds of the way down the homepage, or enter on a smart device, and you’ll be taken directly to the application.