The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) offers many field trips designed to support and enhance Common Core English/ language arts standards and 21st-century skills.

All programs encourage students to think critically, develop creative points of view and communicate their ideas. Through these programs, students will analyze primary source documents and artifacts while using evidence to support their interpretation.

Museum educator led programs

  • Visual thinking strategies – Students will analyze and interpret primary source artworks, photographs and artifacts using visual thinking strategies, an open-ended discussion format that fosters critical thinking and communication skills.
  • National History Day – Students will learn how to access and analyze primary source documents and begin developing the skills necessary to create a project for National History Day.
  • A State Invaded: Civil War at the Old State Capitol – Students will analyze artifacts and primary sources through questions and activities and be able to understand the role the old state capitol played in the Civil War.
  • Capitol at Work – Students will analyze artifacts and primary sources through questions and activities and be able to understand how the old state capitol was used in the 19th century.

Self-guided options

Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History

  • Self-guided visits of “A Kentucky Journey” introduce students to 12,000 years of Kentucky history with environments and interactive displays. Students will examine primary sources from pre-history through the present and gain an understanding of how Kentucky has expanded and evolved over time.

Kentucky Military History Museum- available spring 2013

  • Kentucky Military Treasures Spanning nearly 200 years of conflicts – from the War of 1812 to more recent engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq – “Kentucky Military Treasures” shares personal stories of Kentuckians who fought and sometimes lost their lives in these battles.

Scholarships are available for schools that have 50 percent or more of their students on free or reduced-price meals.

Visit the teacher page at and review the Field Trip Programs Guide to determine which programs best fit your school’s needs.

For more information or to schedule your visit, contact Leslie McWhorter at (502) 564-1792, ext. 4424.