The Unbridled Learning accountability model is organized around the Kentucky Board of Education’s four strategic priorities: Next-Generation Learners, Next-Generation Instructional Programs and Support, Next-Generation Professionals and Next-Generation Schools/ Districts.

The recent first release of data from the Unbridled Learning model included only the Next-Generation Learners component (Achievement [Proficiency], Gap, Growth, Readiness for College/Career and Graduation Rate).

In the fall of 2013, the second round of data from the model will be released, and that data will include both Next-Generation Learners and Next-Generation Instructional Programs and Support (Program Reviews). Schools have already received their 2012-13 Next-Generation Learner Overall Scores as targets for Proficient.

The Program Review scores will have two roles in the summer of 2013:

(1) Schools will see a publicly-reported Program Review classification (Needs Improvement, Proficient, Distinguished) for each subject (AH/PLCS/Writing).

(2) Scores will provide a baseline for the combined accountability model that includes Next-Generation Learner and Program Reviews and the Overall Score as the target for Proficient in 2013-14.

Data for Program Reviews must be entered in ASSIST by June 1, 2013.