In an effort to better engage teachers in the implementation of Kentucky’s Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES), the Kentucky Department of Education, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the Kentucky Education Association, and the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence have announced a partnership with Hope Street Group, a national nonprofit organization known for its teacher engagement work.

Hope Street Group’s collaborative efforts will center on transforming the teaching profession and improving outcomes for Kentucky children.

Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday said the department and its partners welcome Hope Street Group to the state.

“We share a common commitment – to engage teachers at every level. The Hope Street Group’s work in Kentucky will support and reinforce our strategic work around educator effectiveness,” he said. “More effective teaching means improved student outcomes ensuring that all of our students graduate from high school college/career-ready.”

In coordination with Kentucky’s educator engagement strategy, Hope Street Group is launching a Kentucky Teacher Fellowship program similar to its national program. Those selected will be trained in policy and decision-making techniques, interacting with the media, editorial writing, knowledge-sharing and recruitment so that they may reach out to their colleagues, share information and solicit feedback regarding PGES, common core state standards, and related issues.

Kentucky Teacher Fellows will bring forward an informed teacher voice in collaboration with other Kentucky partners’ to support educator effectiveness and elevate the teaching profession.

“Our education partners in Kentucky come to the table with the realization that an educator effectiveness system built and supported by teachers is the most fair and transparent way to reach our goal,” said Hope Street Vice President of Education Dan Cruce. “Hope Street Group will build on mutual beliefs and values, and work with these groups to enhance educator engagement, and foster collaborative feedback opportunities for Kentucky teachers,” he said.

In addition to the Kentucky Teacher Fellowships, Hope Street Group will implement a virtual policy platform that will allow teachers to engage in policy discussions online, in workspaces where data is routinely compiled and analyzed. The group also will bring information and best practices from throughout the country to teachers and state officials at in-person gatherings. Hope Street Group’s expertise in documenting, analyzing, and disseminating data gathered from the Teacher Fellows, from convenings and from the online policy platform will be translated into usable recommendations, adjustments in implementation and opportunities to scale the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System..

Hope Street Group assisted the U.S. Department of Education in designing Race to the Top (RTTT) in 2009. Since then, the organization has partnered with multiple states including the first two Race to the Top winners, Delaware and Tennessee, working on new ways to engage practitioners, complement work efforts and support work product. By bringing together teacher voices, world-class talent and modern tools, Hope Street Group assists states in building fair and effective teacher evaluation systems that promote student growth.