Jim Flynn

Jim Flynn

Jim Flynn, recently selected as the president of the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents (KASS), says education is a “people business.” To that end, he hopes to use his new status to bring people together toward a common vision.

“(It) is essential in our work. I am committed to the vision of preparing Kentucky students for college, career and life readiness in a global society,” said Flynn, who has been superintendent with the Simpson County school district for 10 years.

“With multiple pathways to college and career readiness available to Kentucky students, we are well positioned to meet this challenging and worthy vision,” Flynn said. “However, we must come together and commit our resources, time and energies to make it happen. My charge as KASS President is to be a leading voice in bringing people together to advance this vision – sleeves are rolled up, and I’m ready to work.”

To help students reach those college and career expectations, Flynn said he plans to continue working with the Kentucky Superintendents Network to offer high quality professional development for superintendents.

“Additionally, I expect KASS to deliver timely communications to our members around key issues facing superintendents,” he said. “I want KASS to be a key advocate for education working with members of the Kentucky General Assembly and the Governor’s office to help enact effective legislation, including adequate financial resources, to support a world-class education system that prepares our young people for success.”

In Education Week’s (a P-12 national publication) most recentQuality Counts” report, Kentucky had its highest ranking ever nationally. Flynn noted that this ranking (10th nationally) was earned despite a failing grade in education funding.

“This is evidence that Kentucky residents are receiving a great return on investment from our schools,” Flynn said. “It is essential we find the resources needed to ensure (all) students get the support they need to meet the new and higher standards required to be successful in our 21st century economy and contribute successfully in our communities.

“I believe it is incumbent on Kentucky superintendents to carry this message to our legislators so they understand the importance of this issue and have the courage to take the actions necessary to remedy the funding situation for education in our state.”