A Read to Achieve (RTA) grant application was posted on the Kentucky Department of Education website on Dec. 9, and this opportunity will close on February 3, 2014. KDE has received several inquiries about whether schools with existing RTA grants have to reapply.

This is a brand new grant opportunity, so all interested schools (current and new) have to apply; however, part 6 of the scoring rubric gives additional points to school districts that demonstrate successful implementation of a prior RTA grant. It is important to have a reapplication process to ensure that effective programs are being used across the state and are positively impacting achievement.

KDE has also received inquiries about whether the timeframe for response can be extended. KDE appreciates that districts will need adequate time to respond. Grant applications are typically issued for at least four weeks or longer and this particular application will be open for seven weeks. In addition, the timing of this particular grant award is important because KDE has to complete an evaluation of all RTA grant responses and provide districts with notice of RTA grant awards as soon as possible in order to allow districts to adequately take this into account in fully planning for the next school year in the spring.