It is clear that instruction is the focus for the Perry County school district under the direction of Superintendent Jonathan Jett.

Recently, the district provided all students in grades 8-12 with a Windows 8 Surface tablet. New student-led Professional Learning Communities, guide all staff in effectively using the device as an instructional tool. Textbooks are downloaded as student resources and technology cadres are in the planning phases to bring like-content teachers together. Most of all, this initiative gives students the opportunity to compete in the 21st century.

In addition, the district is investing in its own leaders. Teacher leaders are selected to revise and enhance the curriculum, develop common assessments, and model best practices and high yield instructional strategies as part of a new Teacher Leadership Academy. A New Teacher Academy will provide support and coaching to all non-tenured staff.

A focus on continuous growth for all stakeholders is at the forefront. This is evident through the district’s five main goals:

• improve the graduation rate;

• increase college- and career-readiness (CCR);

• increase the number of proficient and distinguished ratings;

• close the gap on student assessment performance, and

• build capacity within all system participants.

The focus is how to do more for the students so that they achieve more — either in college or in the workforce. Day-to-day improvements are tracked through CCR monitoring sheets and data analysis. This includes tracking and celebrating improvements in attendance as well as aligning all finances to provide the best resources for the students. Several schools also participate in the co-teaching model for Kentucky. This allows teachers to provide more support and intervention for students who may need it.

All stakeholders are part of the district’s growing success through community partner meetings, board of education sessions to share academic progress, and transparency of all working 30-60-90 day plans and strategic planning. Jett’s vision is to ensure student success, as measured by college- and career-readiness, by building and sustaining appropriate systems for continuous academic achievement and developing lifelong learners. The district is strongly committed to staying focused on student achievement and continuing to hold all accountable for providing the best education.