Lisa McCane

Lisa McCane

The Augusta Independent school district is one of the few in Kentucky that houses preschool through 12th-grade students in the same building. The district takes pride in being able to reach every student daily because of the small learning environment and one-on-one relationships with faculty, staff, parents and community partners. The district boasts a safe and nurturing learning climate, student-centered classrooms, quality teachers and paraprofessionals, and numerous extracurricular opportunities.

Augusta Independent has shown continuous progress on accountability results, meeting the district’s annual measurable objective, participation and graduation goals. Augusta Elementary School was classified as a High Progress School, and the district was one of four to achieve a 100 percent graduation rate and a 95.5 percent attendance rate.  Augusta Independent’s team of excellent administrators, faculty, staff and community partners are committed to providing every student every opportunity every day.

The district’s effort to reach out to community partners has brought students numerous art, music and character education programs. Cradle School and Infant Welcome Bags are a couple of new early childhood initiatives in the district. These programs target infants and toddlers, and have a parent education component. The goal is to begin educating children from birth until they are college- and career-ready.

The district’s “Senior to Sophomore” Program allows juniors and seniors to receive enough college credits at Maysville Community and Technical College to be classified as a college sophomore upon graduation. Additionally, Augusta Independent has implemented a robotics program and college- and career-ready preparatory courses as part of efforts for continuous improvement.

Augusta Independent strives to make the district’s motto, “Small School, Big Experience,” ring true for all students!