Superintendents’ spotlight: Jim Palm, Southgate Independent

Jim Palm
Jim Palm

The Southgate Independent school district’s best asset is its school staff who serves students in preschool through 8th grade. Southgate Independent also has certified teachers with a master’s degree or five years or more of experience as those who educate the district’s students. Each teacher in the district is knowledgeable in his/her  subject areas and grade levels, and cares deeply about the students and the school community.

Southgate Independent also enjoys tremendous engagement and support from the surrounding community. Being a small district with a single school creates a climate of family among staff, administrators, students, parents and the community at large. An indication of the broad support of our school district is that each month, Southgate Independent’s school board members vote to refuse their salaries in order to help support the school financially. Southgate Elementary School’s school-based decision making council and the district’s school board work well together to try to meet the financial needs of the district. This collaborative and cooperative environment is one reason I am so proud to be associated with this historic and unique school district.