Superintendents’ Spotlight: Lana Fryman, Bourbon County

Lana Fryman
Lana Fryman

Under the leadership of Superintendent Lana Fryman, the Bourbon County school district is continuing to make its mark statewide. The announcement of the 2012-13 testing scores show the school district ranked 32nd of 174 districts in the state. Four of five schools in Bourbon County are classified as Proficient and the gains during the 2012-13 school year testing cycle were very high. One of the three elementary schools ranked in the top 11 percent of elementary schools, with another elementary school in the top fourth in the state.

In Fryman’s time as the district’s superintendent, many physical improvements have been made in the school district. This includes the construction of 14 new classrooms, two new elementary schools, an auditorium and several other upgrades throughout the district. All school buildings also now have state-of-the-art security cameras and security systems that allow front offices to view visitors before providing them access to the school building.

Superintendent Fryman encourages a style of team leadership in which the opinion of all stakeholders is valued and respected. During her tenure, she has created a leadership team composed of leaders from each school, representatives from each district program and the supervisors of the central office. When decisions must be made that impact the entire school district, input is solicited from all members of the leadership team; this input is highly regarded as Fryman makes her final decision.

The district also has a state and national award-winning band and FFA program. North Middletown School has been named a National Blue Ribbon School while the golf, soccer and football teams repeatedly have been state contenders. While 2012-13 was a banner year, 2013-14 is looking to be even better for all of students, teachers, administrators and staff in Bourbon County!