Keith Davis

Keith Davis

The Bullitt County school district is anything but a normal school district. Bullitt County is fortunate to have a group of educational leaders and teachers in this district who are never satisfied with the status quo. It has become a part of the district’s culture over the last several years to be constantly vigilant for a better way to do what is currently done and always to look for new ways to expand learning for students so they are able to seize opportunities the future will present to them.

The development of that culture has not been an accident. In 2007, the Bullitt County Board of Education was determined to make some significant changes to this district’s academic results. The district had long been focused on dealing with somewhat explosive enrollment growth and the academic mission and focus of schools suffered.

Bullitt County’s culture now has no room for those who wish to coast under the radar and expend minimal effort without care about student performance.  The great teachers who were lurking in the shadows before have become some of our strongest leaders; many have done this by becoming instructional coaches, others by moving into the principal role, and still others are leading from their classroom and in professional learning communities.

In the past few years, the district has started the model Bullitt Advanced Math and Science program where students concurrently earn their diploma and a postsecondary associate’s degree; each high school has an application-based cohort program called College Credit Advanced Placement (CCAP) where students can earn 30 hours of college credit; the district has reformed the Alternative School and is now successfully transitioning kids back to their home school; and the district has instituted a FlexSchool at each high school for credit recovery and acceleration in an electronic and flexible learning environment.

In addition, Bullitt County has reconstituted our gifted and talented program to make it more rigorous, relevant and fun and are in the construction phase of a College and Career Center at each of the district’s three high schools, which will offer a signature program at each school, serve dual use for our local community college in the evenings and much more.

Bullitt County has a vision of becoming the leader in educational excellence. The district is not there yet, but is moving forward.