Paul Mullins

Paul Mullins

During his first year as superintendent of the Garrard County school district, Paul Mullins’ goal has been to increase excitement and enthusiasm about education in the district. Through the leadership of the board of education and the administrators at the district and school levels, Garrard County has established norms and guidelines that will frame the future for students and the school system as a whole.

The district is continuously involved in planning both short-term and long-term objectives to ensure that students are challenged and engaged as they follow an academic pathway that will lead to a high likelihood of success in adulthood. This includes increasing student-centered learning opportunities focused on college- and career-readiness and the acquisition of job-ready, 21st-century skills.

Currently, the leadership team is implementing many activities that will help accomplish the district’s goals. This year alone, Garrard County has either begun or is in the process of conducting activities and initiatives such as:

  •  district re-accreditation through AdvancED;
  • a redesign of the district website;
  • a leadership retreat at the Kentucky Association of School Administrators to determine group norms and establish guidelines for team work and cohesiveness;
  • co-teaching training for middle and high school mathematics teachers;
  • the use of data walls, data rooms and student data notebooks;
  • weekly administrative leadership team meetings focused on data and student performance and more

These are just some of the initiatives being implemented in the Garrard County school district that will pave the way in the coming year for the district to examine programs to determine effectiveness and progress. Many other school-based activities are being reviewed and improved through the combined work of the school-based decision making councils and the Garrard County Board of Education. Our collaborative efforts are helping us put in place a strong foundation for future student and staff success in Garrard County.