Superintendents’ spotlight: Chrissy Jones, Franklin County

Chrissy Jones
Chrissy Jones

The Franklin County school district has the goal to be “the preferred school district in Kentucky” and is committed to putting kids first. The district wants to ensure all students are college- and career-ready, which involves students learning in ways that encompass 21st-century skills.

This includes engaging our students in learning which challenges them to work collaboratively and be involved in instruction and student work that requires them to communicate, employ creativity, be critical thinkers and have a commitment to persevere and to do their best. As a school system, Franklin County is committed to providing our students with real-life opportunities to prepare them for the competitive world.

The district recently completed the strategic planning process that will drive our district’s initiatives for the next three years. With this planning process, the district adopted a new vision, mission, belief and goal statements setting high expectations for all, including educators, students and district staff.

The district also invites families and community members to be active partners in the education of our young people. When opportunities arise, families and community members are encouraged to engage in learning opportunities with our students and serve as role models. It is through the collaborative effort of the schools, families and community that Franklin County can achieve its goal to be the preferred school district where kids are always first.