Darryl Chittenden

Darryl Chittenden

During the last five years there have been several notable accomplishments in the Livingston County school district. Most recently, the district was recognized as a proficient district on the 2013-14 School Report Card.

This includes two schools – Livingston Central High School and North Livingston Elementary School – being recognized as Distinguished-High Progressing Schools for the first time. Livingston Central High School has made remarkable gains in reaching the distinction of being a Distinguished-High Progressing School after being declared a Persistently Low-Achieving school in 2011.

In facilities management, Livingston Central High School recently underwent a $3.5 million renovation made possible through a Qualified Zone Academy bond. In addition, Livingston County Middle School is about to begin a $1.6 million renovation also made possible by a Qualified Zone Academy bond.

The district has extended after-school programs to include each of its four schools through a 21st-Century Grant. These programs offer remediation and enrichment activities to participating students.

Livingston County has a highly successful dropout prevention program that  targets students who are at risk. The Open Campus program in the district has assisted more than 150 students in receiving their high school diploma who would have otherwise likely dropped out of school. Along with reducing the district dropout rate, Livingston County also has exceeded the college- and career-readiness goals set forth in 2011 and has a graduation rate exceeding the state average at approximately 97.3 percent.

In 2013, Livingston County adopted a new mission statement, “Live RED,” which stands for “Reaching Excellence Daily.” The staff and students of Livingston County Schools strive to fulfill this mission each day.