Freddie Bowling

Freddie Bowling

Jenkins Independent is a district that is constantly striving to provide every educational opportunity available to all students.

Jenkins Independent School has made significant changes in the instructional program and is maintaining a positive academic growth pattern. Curriculum alignment and formative testing have been critical in ensuring all students are receiving access to a full course curriculum and each student’s progress is tracked for specific interventions or acceleration. A strong emphasis on tutoring, mentoring and a personalized approach for individual students has been built into the school day and continues through afterschool programs.

Several years ago, the Jenkins Independent Board of Education approved a partnership with the University of Pikeville, and qualifying dual credit students are transported to the college to take classes with all costs paid through district funds. This decision has provided a catalyst for students to meet ACT benchmarks through participation in the program. Through subsequent follow-up, those participating students are still in college continuing their programs of study.

Content-specific trainings have helped teachers develop higher levels of expertise and provided opportunities for networking with other school districts in sharing ideas and resources that offer rigorous instruction and higher levels of learning for all students. The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative has provided support for our teachers and administrators as the district progressed through the pilot year of the Teacher Professional Growth and Evaluation System as well as in developing the 2014-15 certified evaluation plan.

Educational partnerships have been a key component in helping Jenkins Independent move forward. The district’s students are graduating college- and career-ready and test scores are indicating continuous academic progress for all students at all levels. Students, staff and parents are excited about the progress that has been made and the changes that will be implemented next year.