Henry Webb

Henry Webb

Floyd County has seen dramatic growth under the leadership of Superintendent Henry Webb.

Once ranked 145th among Kentucky public school districts, Floyd County, a distinguished district, now ranks 12th and is striving for every child to have a world-class education. With attendance improving and ACT scores at an all-time high, the district is moving in the right direction.

While pleased with student success on state assessments, the district keeps focused on what the numbers represent – students learning more and being better prepared for life’s opportunities. While high-quality instruction remains the daily goal of the district, through the efforts of district administrators and the support, commitment and leadership demonstrated by the Floyd County Board of Education, the district has launched several major initiatives.

Floyd County begins year three of the Community Eligibility Option (CEO), where more than 6,300 students are served breakfast and lunch every school day at no cost. With an eligibility rate for free and reduced priced student meals of more than 75 percent, Floyd County was one of the first districts in Kentucky to implement CEO.

The Floyd County Early College Academy (FCECA) is available without cost to juniors and seniors who meet rigorous academic requirements. FCECA blends high school and college experiences and promotes developing students for success. During its first two years, the district expects approximately 30 students to exit the program with both a high school diploma and an associate degree.

After more than a year of planning, 2014-15 marks the implementation of the district’s digital conversion. This initiative phases in approximately 1,000 laptops per year for students in 5th and 9th grades. Over the four-year implementation, every student enrolled in 5th through 12th grade will receive his or her own personal device. The district sees this change in how it delivers instruction and promotes learning as critical to success for students.

Through all these initiatives and more, Floyd County strives for excellence in every area because that is simply what kids deserve.