Marvin Moore

Marvin Moore

While the Rowan County school district may be small in size compared to other districts in Kentucky, it is by no means small in the abilities and talents of its students. Under the leadership of Superintendent Marvin Moore, community businesses, organizations, Morehead State University and Maysville Community and Technical College have partnered with the district’s teachers and staff to become a “village” and ensure that students have the skills they need to become college- and career-ready.

The district has shown considerable growth earning the title of a Proficient district. The district well exceeded its annual measurable objective and met its graduation rate during the 2013-14 accountability year. While there is still room to improve, the district’s teachers are working hard every day to improve classroom teaching strategies and help students on the path to college- and career-readiness.

For the past several years, Rowan County Senior High School has partnered with Morehead State University to give students the opportunity to get a head start on their college education through either the college cohort program or the dual credit program. The classes are offered either on campus through the college cohort program or at the high school through the dual credit program where the qualified high school instructor partners with a Morehead faculty member.

An important component in education is helping students understand the importance of taking care of one’s community and giving back. Rowan County’s students are learning the meaning of putting others above self by taking part in a variety of community service activities. One of the most visible community service projects took place recently when students from Rowan County Middle School created a food donation brigade that extended from the school all the way to the Community Soup Kitchen.

The saying, “it takes a village to raise a child,” holds true here in the Rowan County school district. Through Superintendent Moore’s emphasis on building community partnerships to help our students, Rowan County – a district small in size – has proven itself to be a giant in helping its students become college- and career-ready while also remembering their roots.