Superintendents’ Spotlight: Brock Walter, Boyd County

Brock Walter
Brock Walter

The Boyd County school district is focused on becoming a leader in learning by committing resources and provisions that put “Kids First.”

The overarching milestone of the district is to ensure college- and career-readiness for all students by providing learning opportunities that encompass a wide range of 21st-century skills. All stakeholders share the vision to challenge and empower students to become a new generation of scientists, engineers and explorers who understand the vastness of their options and the many opportunities the world has to offer. Superintendent Brock Walter’s focused dedication and personal commitment leads the way as Boyd County continues to mold well-rounded students into young adults who can face the challenges of a global market and are capable of securing employment or pursing a lifetime career.

Boyd County is recognized statewide for its efforts. The 2013-14 state accountability model showed the district had reached the Proficient level with the district performing in the 83rd percentile. However, assessment and accountability results do not tell the entire story. The Kentucky Department of Education recently awarded Boyd County with a District Transformation Grant, which designates the district as a Commonwealth Acceleration Model Site.

Superintendent Walter practices a unique style of team leadership allowing him and his administrative team to integrate critical strategies for raising student achievement by emphasizing teacher leadership and assessment literacy. Expectations remain high as the district looks toward the future and the growth that is yet to come. With the district’s current leadership, staff and teachers, Boyd County will indeed become “the leader in learning.”