John Millay

John Millay

The Meade County school district has 5,100 students whose academic coursework, extracurricular activities and athletic programs reflect a belief in providing a quality educational experience for all students, preschool through grade 12. “We Care” defines the vision of Meade County. The staff strives to provide a top-notch educational experience each day while building relationships with students and families. One hundred percent of core academic courses are taught by highly qualified teachers, including 33 National Board Certified Teachers.

Each school has a strong curriculum in all core academic areas, in addition to solid programs in arts and humanities, practical living and vocational studies. This culminates at Meade County High School which offers a rigorous curriculum including 10 dual credit courses and 12 Advanced Placement courses, along with a variety of elective offerings to prepare students for college or career.

The hard work of both staff and students in the classroom is proven by a Distinguished classification on the 2013-14 state accountability cycle placing Meade County in the 91st percentile of all Kentucky districts. While this achievement is celebrated, there continues to be a concentration on improvement and maintaining a steady focus on ways that every student can reach his or her full potential.

Outside the classroom, the district’s students excel in many extracurricular activities. Last year was an unprecedented year of success. Whether in athletics, the performing arts or within the many clubs and organizations offered, students compete at a high level receiving local, state and national honors.

Technology is integrated into teaching and learning at all levels. Classrooms are equipped with SMART board AirLiners, ceiling-mounted projectors and teacher-voice enhancement. Additionally, iPads are available for student use on every campus with all middle and high school students having an iPad to use during the school day. Approximately 80 percent of those students take their iPads home to continue their work in the evening.