Superintendent’s Spotlight: Terri Cox-Cruey, Kenton County

Terri Cox-Cruey
Terri Cox-Cruey

Superintendent Terri Cox-Cruey and Kenton County school district staff and educators are firm believers that strong leaders lead by example, model best practices and remain open-minded to new learning opportunities. Under the guidance of district leadership, teachers have spent the last three years working on literacy and mathematics initiatives supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Lead teachers have been asked to share their work and student products with educators at state and national conferences. As a result of their successful efforts, the district received additional funding from the foundation to continue the work.

A notable achievement in the district was the redesign of the Kenton County science, technology, engineering and mathematics pathways. The redesign was focused on ensuring all the participating students would be college- and career-ready at high school graduation. The original six academies were designed with business and postsecondary partners to provide appropriate courses and resources for students.

The result is the Kenton County Academies of Innovation and Technology. The Academies take student career exploration to a deeper level of career implementation. Under the academy structure, students are provided a seamless pipeline to advance their education and employability. The senior year of the academies culminates in a postsecondary, personalized learning plan that features apprenticeships, job shadows, project-based learning and internships.