Larry Coldiron

Larry Coldiron

The Raceland-Worthington Independent school district takes great pride in providing every student an opportunity to be successful in any educational endeavor they pursue. The district has an excellent staff and provides wonderful facilities for students. None of this, of course, would be possible without the enormous support received from the community.

The district has shown continuous growth, earning the title of a Proficient/Progressing district during the 2013-14 accountability year. The district also is seeing continuous growth in EXPLORE, PLAN and ACT scores with ACT scores ranking in the top 25 districts in the state. While there is still room for improvement, the district’s teachers are working hard every day to improve instructional strategies that will help students achieve college- and career-readiness.

Raceland-Worthington is very proud of the innovative co-curricular and extracurricular programs offered throughout the district. These programs offer character building, teamwork and leadership opportunities for students. In addition, the district values its continued collaboration with Morehead State University and Ashland Community and Technical College for postsecondary opportunities offered to students.

Here at Raceland-Worthington, all students are encouraged to achieve greatness. High expectations, academic excellence and strong community support are the distinctive trademarks of the district. The community’s strong sense of ownership and pride in the schools is reinforced annually by the leadership roles our graduates assume once they have completed their educational goals.

At Raceland-Worthington, education is a joint effort among family, school and the community. At every level, the district’s schools continually build on the strong foundation that is laid year to year and have the expectation that “every student will be successful.”

In the Raceland-Worthington Independent school district, the motto is “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow