• The two received letters of commendation from Lewis after they took immediate action to help a student in a medical emergency on a school bus.

By Mike Marsee

A bus driver and an assistant principal from the Bullitt County schools have been recognized by Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis for their role in saving a student’s life.

Michelle Crenshaw, a bus driver for the Bullitt County schools, and Kyle Buege, an assistant principal at Eastside Middle School, received letters of commendation from Lewis after they took immediate action to help a student in a medical emergency on Crenshaw’s school bus.

“Because of their actions, this student will have the opportunity to return to her family and school, and to continue the pursuit of her goals and dreams,” Lewis said.

The incident took place Feb. 28 as students boarded Crenshaw’s bus at Eastside Middle School. When a student told Crenshaw that another student was in distress, Crenshaw immediately took control of the situation. The driver checked for the student’s pulse; finding none, she radioed to inform school officials that there was an emergency.

While her daughter Abbi called 911, Crenshaw began getting other students off the bus and working with the distressed student. When Buege arrived, he and Crenshaw helped the student to the floor of the bus and they began taking turns administering chest compressions while a teacher cleared the rest of the students from the bus.

The student was revived, and she was alert and speaking before being taken to a hospital by ambulance. She is expected to make a full recovery.

“The collaborative efforts of Mr. Buege, Ms. Crenshaw, her daughter Abbi, our first responders, and many other staff members were critical,” Eastside Middle School Principal Troy Wood said. “Having a background of CPR and medical training allowed instinct to kick in and their quick decision making saved the life of a precious student. I’m told the student had a 1 percent chance of survival. The immediate actions of all involved allowed her to defy the odds.”

Buege has been at Eastside Middle School since 2005 and is the longest-tenured current assistant principal in the Bullitt County school district. Crenshaw has been a Bullitt County bus driver since 2014.

Michelle’s immediate and professional reaction to the situation saved the girl’s life. Her professional approach to this potentially tragic incident is one to be congratulated and emulated by all,” said Tony Roth, director of transportation for the Bullitt County schools.

“Kentucky school bus drivers are phenomenal,” said Elisa Hanley, manager of the Pupil Transportation Branch in the Kentucky Department of Education’s Division of District Support. “Michelle’s ability to perform CPR and stay calm during the situation is amazing. Each and every one of those kids on the bus are lucky to have Michelle as their driver.”