COVID-19 Guidance for Schools and Districts: Considerations for Spring Activities

By Jacob Perkins

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) released a new COVID-19 guidance document on March 8 to assist districts in preparing for traditional spring activities.

The document, “COVID-19 Guidance for Schools and Districts: Considerations for Spring Activities,” acknowledges Kentucky’s decrease in COVID-19 case numbers and increases in opportunities for COVID-19 vaccinations. However, it urges districts to use caution in planning community events as the virus continues to circulate, with the impact of new variants of the virus still unknown.

The document guides schools and districts on how best to handle traditional spring activities like commencement, proms and honors ceremonies, while complying with state and local public health guidelines.

According to the guidance, local education agencies must maintain a delicate balance between appropriately honoring students and managing the challenges created by the pandemic.

“The Kentucky Department of Education encourages districts to engage students and families to determine the best solution for their community,” said Education Commissioner Jason E. Glass.

When planning for spring activities, schools and districts also must continue to adhere to the health and safety expectations outlined in the “Guidance and Safety Expectations and Best Practices for Kentucky Schools (K-12), Updated Dec. 7, 2020.” This includes appropriate social distancing, cloth face coverings, screening, sanitization efforts and contact tracing.

As the situation with the pandemic evolves, KDE is creating new guidance documents to meet the needs of Kentucky’s schools and districts. More guidance and resources are available on KDE’s COVID-19 webpage.