Updated - Senate Bill 128: Supplemental School Year Program

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) released updated guidance on April 16 detailing how the Supplemental School Year Program impacts public education in the Commonwealth.

The guidance, “Senate Bill 128: Supplemental School Year Program 2.0,”  outlines the impact the legislation has on assessment and accountability, funding, teaching and learning, special populations, school-based decision making councils, alternative programs and federal program eligibility.

Updates to the document include additional guidance on Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships (KEES), articulated postsecondary credit, Advanced Placement and other advanced coursework, industry certifications, career and technical education end-of-program assessments, special education and Carl D. Perkins accountability and funding during the Supplemental School Year Program.

The updated document also includes clarifications on the intended use of the Supplemental School Year Program. Participating students are only eligible to retake courses they previously were enrolled in or are closely connected to courses taken during the 2020-2021 school year.

Students who meet all state and local minimum requirements for graduation will be issued a diploma, even if they decide to participate in the supplemental school year. Students wishing to graduate early and use the 2021-2022 year as a supplemental year still must meet the requirements of the Early Graduation Program outlined in the updated guidance document.

The updated guidance document also clarifies that SB 128 does not apply to preschool.

Students have until May 1 to submit a request to participate in the Supplemental School Year Program to their local board of education. The local board has until June 1 to decide whether to accept all the submitted requests or no requests.

All districts will notify the KDE of their Supplemental School Year Program participation status via the GMAP (Grant Management Application and Planning) system. Participating districts will be asked to affirm they will satisfy all listed assurances while districts who decline participation will check the box indicating this decision. The form will be available in GMAP on May 17.

KDE also released the “Senate Bill 128: Supplemental School Year Program, Frequently Asked Questions” document on April 16 to answer common questions regarding the program. Topics covered include program eligibility, dual credit/dual enrollment, accountability and assessment.