Picture of the outside of the Kentucky Department of Education building.

As part of the continuing COVID-19 “Healthy at Work” initiative, the Commonwealth of Kentucky remains committed to limiting the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring the health and safety of our state employees and visitors.

Gov. Andy Beshear issued a memo through the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet stating that effective July 29, 2021, employees, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear a face covering when present in Executive Branch buildings/offices and in state vehicles, where another employee is present. This policy also will be followed by the Kentucky Department of Education, campuses of the Kentucky School for the Blind and the Kentucky School for the Deaf, as well as all area technology centers.

This policy will be continually monitored, re-evaluated and revised, if necessary.

This policy will serve to protect employees and visitors from any individual who has become infected with coronavirus but does not yet demonstrate symptoms of the illness. This measure also allows us to continue providing critical government services by protecting our workforce.