Graphic reading: COVID-19 Guidance for Schools and Districts, Guidance for Offering a Hybrid Performance-Based Schedule

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has released a new guidance document, Guidance for Offering a Hybrid Performance-Based Schedule, to support districts in implementing a hybrid schedule for grades 5-12 by utilizing their board’s policy on performance-based courses. Districts may use a hybrid schedule at the request of students and families as an additional COVID-19 mitigation strategy to assist with social distancing.

Since performance-based courses can be virtual or in person, it is possible for a student in all performance-based courses to attend school on a hybrid schedule. The guidance says students on a hybrid performance-based schedule must have requested the schedule; follow the district’s board policy for performance-based courses; and have their in-person attendance tracked and maintained outside of the student information system for safety.

The guidance document also outlines the performance-based learning policy described in 704 KAR 3:305, which requires districts and schools to ensure that each student’s educational program includes the minimum content as specified in the Kentucky Academic Standards and/or career and technical education programs of study.

The document also includes the instructional implications of hybrid learning, as well as references for high-quality professional learning to support hybrid instruction.

Additional guidance on performance-based standards and requirements can be found on the KDE Performance-Based Credit webpage.