Graphic with KDE and United We Learn logos reading: KDE unveils new branding at the 2021 Kentucky Education Summit

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) unveiled a new logo for the agency on Nov. 1 to kick off the 2021 Kentucky Education Summit.

Along with the department’s logo, a secondary logo and tagline for a new initiative to improve Kentucky’s schools was displayed.

“As we usher in a new era of education here in the Commonwealth, we wanted to create a brand that matched our commitment to equity, achievement and integrity for all of our students,” said Commissioner of Education Jason E. Glass.

The department’s new logo includes three students of varying ages, signifying the most integral aspect of the Commonwealth’s P-12 education system.

“Students are the heart of what we do,” Glass said. “All decisions that are made should be focused on students and what is in their best interests.”

Glass said each aspect of KDE’s new branding was designed for a specific reason, including the colors.

“The green in our brand represents growth,” he said. “We are striving to grow into an education system that is better suited for every Kentuckian. It is important that our students, schools, districts and communities have the opportunity to grow into their full potential.”

The brand’s navy blue represents trust, unity and continuous improvement, Glass said.

“It is vital that we collaborate and trust one another as we work together to give every child every opportunity for success,” he said.

KDE also unveiled a new secondary logo at the summit for the department’s new initiative, “United We Learn.”

“United We Learn comes from our state flag,” Glass said. “Much like the Commonwealth of Kentucky, our education system is truly at its strongest when we all come together and unify around continued learning.”

Also found in the initiative’s logo is the tagline, “Investing in Kentucky’s Future, One Student at a Time.”

“Some may read the words ‘Investing in Kentucky’s Future, One Student at a Time’ and think all we are talking about is funding. Although adequately and equitably funding our public education system is critical, the investments and changes we need are about go much deeper than just funding,” Glass said.

“Investing in Kentucky’s Future means everyone in our Commonwealth – from educators, to families, to community and business leaders – working to support our public schools in bringing about deep and authentic learning experiences for our students. The kind of change we need is not surface or superficial – we need profound shifts in what students experience in our schools so that they are prepared and have the opportunity to practice the kinds of skills that will support them in being successful workers, entrepreneurs, community leaders and citizens in their future.”

KDE staff designed the new branding and will roll it out on various communications over the next few weeks.