Graphic reading: Kentucky School for the Blind Advisory Board, April 12, 2022

The Kentucky School for the Blind’s (KSB’s) mask wearing policy will remain aligned with the Kentucky Department for Public Health’s (DPH’s) COVID-19 school guidance, based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations, and will be determined using DPH’s level map on a weekly basis.

KSB Principal Peggy Sinclair-Morris said at the KSB Advisory Board meeting on April 12 that the school will require masks only if numbers in Jefferson County are classified as a high-risk level – which shows up as red – on the DPH map. When Jefferson County is green (low risk) or yellow (medium risk), mask wearing will be optional.

The CDC recommends that when community levels are classified as medium or low, schools do not need to implement indoor universal masking in school settings or on buses; however, targeted mask use is recommended during outbreaks or following exposures. When community levels are high, schools should implement all layers of prevention strategies, including universal masking for all students and staff indoors and on buses, cohorting classrooms and limiting mixing between students when indoors, where possible.

The advisory board also received an update on its annual May celebration of Founder’s Day, an event that commemorates KSB’s 180-year history of providing educational services to Kentucky students who are blind and visually impaired. Founders Day will be May 9, with the release of a video May 13 to commemorate the event.

An application for a historical marker to be placed at the site of KSB’s “Colored Department” has been submitted to the Kentucky Historical Society by James Dollar, KSB’s security manager.

The University of Louisville Archeology Department is working with the Kentucky Department of Education to hold an archeological dig at the site beginning May 9. This will be a Maymester class or pre-summer session for University of Louisville students. KSB students will be involved in the dig and will learn about the history of the department.