Photo of Greenup County High School

Greenup County High School

Greenup County Schools was selected for a $14.9 million energy efficiency grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Renew America’s Schools program, which will support improvements in K–12 schools across the country.  

The competitive program is giving a total of $500 million to selected schools. 

Greenup County will use the grant to replace the roof of its high school, install solar electric panels and solar thermal water heating technology, replace lighting in the middle and high schools, and replace 18 single-pane windows. In addition, the district plans to purchase four electric school buses.  

The grant also will enable the district to launch a new career and technical education (CTE) Green Energy pathway for high school students. The pathway will help students learn more about the green energy industry and prepare them for future jobs or business ventures.  

Greenup County Superintendent Traysea Moresea said she is looking forward to adding the Green Energy pathway. 

She said school administrators are hoping it “will have a positive economic impact on our area by inviting students interested in energy to come to our school for the proper training.” 

Sarah Kelsey, Greenup County Schools’ director of curriculum and instruction, said the goal for the energy efficiency grant is not just to help Greenup County Schools, but also “to help grow and advance our community in Eastern Kentucky.” 

Greenup County Schools anticipates it will receive the grant in November of this year.