An outline of Kentucky with the words Kentucky United We Learn Council on top of it.

The Kentucky United We Learn Council approved a guiding “moonshot” statement and definition of vibrant learning experiences, one of the key tenets of United We Learn, during the council’s virtual meeting on Jan. 24.

The council is tasked with recommending strategic practice, policy and investment ideas that advance Kentucky’s United We Learn vision of creating a more vibrant experience for every student, encouraging innovation in schools – especially when it comes to assessment – and creating a bold new future for the Commonwealth’s schools through collaboration with communities. The council itself is made up of educators, community members, families and students.

Last year, Kentucky Board of Education Vice Chair Lu S. Young tasked the council with finding a “moonshot” when it comes to how education in Kentucky can evolve, much like a mission statement where the moonshot serves as the council’s main goal.

The statement reads, “To build a prosperous Kentucky, we will launch an accountability system that is meaningful and useful to all learners.”

The council also approved a definition of vibrant learning experiences, which reads, “Learning that matters to students, in partnership with families and communities, students are agents of their own learning, engaged in relevant, authentic and joyful learning opportunities. Vibrant learning honors students’ cultural wealth, gifts and interests. Vibrant learning culminates in the application of knowledge and skills demonstrated through personalized products.”

The next United We Learn Council convening is scheduled for April 25-26.