Early graduation students must meet end-of-course benchmarks


Students must declare for early graduation by Oct. 1. While end-of-course exams have been phased out of Kentucky’s accountability model, they are still applicable and available for students planning on graduating early.

For the 2018-2019 and 2019- 2020 school years, early graduation students still must reach end-of-course (EOC) benchmarks along with reaching their ACT benchmarks. A guidance document for how to order EOCs for early graduation students will be available soon. Be aware that early graduation must be tied to the student’s Individual Learning Plan.


  1. Hi, Celita!

    The Kentucky Department of Education chose to end the contract with Career Cruising because we recognized that many districts and schools used this system as a compliance piece instead of a deep dive into students’ plans and goals for their current school and their futures. As a result, schools should use this year as an opportunity to develop and implement an ILP that they create or collaborate with a vendor on in order to make it specific to their own population. Whichever way the district goes, they need to make sure that Early Graduation is documented throughout the system they choose.

  2. I’m just wondering if you could elaborate about the ILP comment, since Career Cruising is no longer accessible and no replacement has been implemented.