Damien Sweeney

Damien Sweeney

Dear school counselors:

Let’s celebrate Black History Month!

Our African American students need us. They need every single one of us to validate them, hear their stories and show them compassion.

Check out our mixtape created just for you! This mixtape is here to help remind you of the deep and rich history in the African American community.

Remember that so much of our jobs as school counselors is to provide equity in our schools. Your role allows you to see your school for everything it is and everything it can be. How can we ensure that our minority students are getting what they need? How can we ensure our minority students feel supported?

Remember that you have the opportunity to be “the one.” You can open up so many doors for your students and be the light that they need in order to find success and overcome obstacles. Our African American students need to be acknowledged this month (and every month) and they need you. Be the light!

Check out Teach Rock’s recent newsletter on Black History Month for more ideas and lessons to celebrate our African American youth and educators!