More than 300 Kentucky chapter members, 1,300 youth members and adult advisers of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) attended a Nov. 10-12 meeting in Washington, D.C., and the annual FCCLA National Cluster Meeting Nov. 17-19 in Oklahoma City.

The meeting’s theme – “Be Inspired by FCCLA” – encouraged the youth to lead others, develop new skills, explore career opportunities, build strong families and make a difference in their communities. The meeting also provided opportunities for members to compete in career-focused skill demonstration competitions and team events that challenged students’ knowledge in personal finance, consumer responsibilities, technology, health and safety, and more.

By attending national cluster meetings, students were given opportunities to demonstrate skills they’ve learned through FCCLA, while experiencing a new city, culture and situations that they may encounter in their colleges and careers.

FCCLA Skill Demonstration Event Winners from Washington, D.C.

ParticipantSchoolName of EventPlace
Ramey HensleyHighlands High School (Fort Thomas Independent)Consumer Math Challenge , Senior3rd
Alyssa DillonGrant County High SchoolCulinary Chicken Fabrication, Occupation2nd
Tori BrumerHighlands High School (Fort Thomas Independent)Culinary Knife Skills, Senior1st
Sophie IsonHighlands High School (Fort Thomas Independent)Culinary Math Challenge, Senior2nd
Kyle WilliamsWalton-Verona High School (Walton-Verona Independent)Culinary Math Challenge, Senior1st
Alyssa DixonHighlands High School (Fort Thomas Independent)Early Childhood Challenge, Senior3rd
Rachel FarneyHighlands High School (Fort Thomas Independent)Early Childhood Challenge, Senior1st
Abigail SpencerMason County High SchoolFCCLA Knowledge Challenge, Senior3rd
Eliziabeth MairoseHighlands High School (Fort Thomas Independent)Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Challenge, Senior2nd
Abigail SmithWalton-Verona High SchoolHospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Challenge, Senior1st
Ekaterina KovatsenkoSouth Oldham High School (Oldham County)Impromptu Speaking, Senior1st
Luke NaasWalton-Verona High SchoolNutrition Challenge, Senior1st

FCCLA Skill Demonstration Event Winners, Oklahoma City

ParticipantSchoolName of EventPlace
Maranya ShobeWarren Central High School (Warren County)Consumer Math Challenge, Senior2nd
Kate TaylorWashington County High SchoolCulinary Math Challenge, Senior2nd
Allison ClabesBeaumont Middle School (Fayette County)Early Childhood Challenge, Junior2nd
Caroline DevineBeaumont Middle School (Fayette County)Early Childhood Challenge, Junior1st
Jami TaylorWashington County High SchoolFCCLA Knowledge Challenge, Senior2nd
Emma MoyersWarren Central High School (Warren County)Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Challenge, Occupation2nd
Logan JusticeBeaumont Middle School (Fayette County)Impromptu Speaking, Junior2nd