Students can earn articulated college credit toward postsecondary studies within their career pathway while in high school – tuition free!

Postsecondary partners have worked with the Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE) Office of Career and Technical Education and Student Transition (OCTEST) in developing statewide agreements for students to receive articulated credit for completed coursework, meeting benchmark on CTE end-of-program (EOP) assessments or earning industry certifications. The agreement requirements and amount of articulated credit may vary with each articulation agreement. Refer to the Statewide Articulation Agreements webpage on the KDE website for more details.

What is articulated credit? “Articulation” is a term used for ensuring schools work together to assist students in progressing smoothly from secondary to postsecondary programs. Students must be admitted to the postsecondary institution, inform the postsecondary partner of the request for the articulated credit in accordance with the agreement during enrollment and meet the agreement requirements to be awarded credit for prior learning on the student’s college transcript. If a student meets the agreement requirements but does not enroll at the postsecondary school immediately after high school graduation, they may still be eligible to take advantage of this opportunity years later. Refer to applicable articulation agreement(s) for details.

The end-of-program assessments associated with statewide articulation agreements also are one measure for students to demonstrate transition readiness under career readiness in Kentucky’s state accountability and one option to meet Federal Perkins accountability as a postsecondary credential.

Additional statewide articulation agreements are continuously posted to the KDE Statewide Articulation Agreements webpage as they are signed, so check back frequently. Instructions for secondary schools are available on the website, including the CTE Articulated Credit Report, which provides confirmation of a student’s completion of requirements to earn articulated credit.

For assistance with articulated credit questions, contact the specific postsecondary school’s contact available on the list of all articulation agreements, or the OCTEST program consultant related to the specific program area. Students also may check with their district or school for any local district-level articulation agreements that may exists with postsecondary partners to accelerate their postsecondary studies.


Sherri Craig
Morgan Lovitt