By Melissa Gardner

The Kentucky Association of School Librarians (KASL) rolled out the red carpet on July 16 to recognize individuals for their service to the organization and to the libraries they serve.

The Service Award for Administrators recognizes and honors administrators who have made worthy contributions to the operation of effective school library media services and to stimulate planning, implementing and supporting library services in the school. The 2018 recipient was James Campbell from Crabbe Elementary (Ashland Independent). The committee felt that Campbell demonstrates outstanding support and sustained contributions to the library through the allocation of $24 per pupil expenditures for library materials annually.

“In a time when many colleagues are seeing budget cuts, I have seen my budget grow to meet the needs of our students,” said Amanda Cole, the school’s library media specialist who nominated Campbell. “He is very generous and always makes sure we are meeting the funding recommendations outlined in “Beyond Proficiency.”

The Outstanding School Library Website was awarded to Jordan Franklin from Henry Moss Middle School (Warren County). The award committee stated that the tutorials and Google forms used to gather information and disseminate training on the library’s website were quite helpful and unique. The inclusion of student pictures throughout the site also conveyed how active and engaged these students are at the library.

The Award of Merit honors individuals who have advocated effective school library services, and recognizes the role of those other than building administrators in developing successful school library programs. This year’s recipient was Superintendent David Rust of the Campbell County Schools.

Rust’s commitment to improving the schools through improving the libraries shows that he understands the key role that schools libraries can play in the lives of their students. The committee noted Rust’s dedication to not only increasing the number of librarians across the district, but also giving them the support in resources and professional development opportunities to help them be successful.

The Donna Hornsby Joint Technology Award is given to promote the use of technology in the library media center by teachers and students, to increase planning among library media specialists and teachers, and to enhance the learning of information skills. Plano Elementary (Warren County) librarian Ashley Vincent and teacher Kristin Strode Lindsey were winners this year for their Joint Efforts Lead to Student Success! Project.

They collaborated during the school year on many digital tools to help create engaging learning experiences for students while giving them more time with social studies content. Using a variety of G Suite and online resources both in the library and classroom, students completed engaging learning activities.

Kathy Mansfield

Kathy Mansfield

The Barby Hardy Award is given to an individual who has given continuous, sustained support to the school library profession throughout his or her lifetime. Retired Kentucky Department of Education Library Consultant Kathy Mansfield has served as the champion of school librarians in Kentucky since 2009. She was instrumental in the creation of Beyond Proficiency@your library, which provides guidelines for highly effective library media programs.

Mansfield served on the committee that developed the new National School Library Standards for Learners. Building on the skills she developed as an outstanding school librarian, she used her experience to improve and support school librarians and their libraries all over the state. She taught administrators what a quality program looked like and why it was important for their students. As a role model, an advocate and a leader for Kentucky’s school libraries, Mansfield impacted the learning of tens of thousands of past, present and future students in the Commonwealth.

In addition to receiving the Barby Hardy Award, Mansfield also was presented a resolution by the KASL Board.

James Allen, librarian at Eminence Independent, recently was named as president of the Kentucky Association of School Librarians. Photo by Donnie Piercey, Jan. 6, 2016

James Allen
Photo by Donnie Piercey, Jan. 6, 2016

The Outstanding School Media Librarian Award recognizes a school librarian who has made outstanding contributions to the profession on local, district and state levels, is very active in the community, and gives unselfishly of his or her time and effort for the advancements of school libraries in Kentucky on both a local and state level. James Allen (Eminence Independent) is involved with the library profession at a district, state and even national level.

Allen serves as a resource to others on the KLA ListServ and through the KyLChat. He was nominated for the American Association of School Librarians’ Social Media Superstar award as a Tech Troubadour in 2018 and as an Advocacy Ambassador in 2017.