By Kris Jarboe

The Kentucky Numeracy Project Intervention Guide (KNPIG) is a free instructional resource for all Kentucky teachers. Although initially designed to target the wide-ranging needs of primary intervention students, the guide has evolved into a compilation of activities and learning experiences that are readily available online to support the needs of all primary grades learners in the area of mathematics.

In the fall of 2009, the Kentucky Center for Mathematics (KCM) responded to the request of Kentucky’s primary grades mathematics intervention teachers to develop and organize a collection of proven, differentiated assessment and instructional activities that were aligned with the “new” common core standards for mathematics. Teachers realized that the instruction and activities being used with below-grade-level students were both effective and valuable. Students were making progress and gaining confidence in mathematics.

As the interventionists began to share these experiences with classroom teachers within their schools and districts, it became apparent that sharing their knowledge and experiences with all Kentucky teachers would greatly benefit students. By combining the knowledge and experiences of mathematics intervention teachers and Kentucky Center for Mathematics’ staff – along with the Add+Vantage Math Recovery frameworks – the KNPIG was born.

The Numeracy Project guide is a dynamic accumulation of instructional activities designed to assist teachers in guiding students toward understanding and efficiency with numbers and operations. The KNPIG can be a valuable resource for all teachers in finding differentiated mathematics activities related to either grade-level core instruction or supplemental and/or intervention instruction, according to the student’s individual needs and goals.

Intermediate teachers also can benefit from KNPIG activities in supplementing instruction for students who may be working below grade level in mathematics. Differentiated versions within each KNPIG task group – a correlated group of instructional activities that gradually increase in complexity – allow for all students to engage in the same type of activity, while subtle variations in number ranges or materials within the different versions accommodate the specific needs of students.

Currently, the guide contains hundreds of learning experiences built around the K-3 Kentucky Academic Standards for Mathematics. Unlike a traditional textbook curriculum, the KNPIG provides support for intentional instruction based on student needs and learning objectives.

The KNPIG can be searched by grade level, content standard, fluency benchmark, Add+Vantage Math Recovery strand and level, setting (type of materials), or task group. Each activity includes an editable, printable lesson plan, a student instruction page (perfect for learning centers or file folder games), and a link for all printable materials needed for the activity. In addition, several task groups include a family math activity, which provides teachers with a ready-to-go version of the activity for students and their families to use at home.

Originally, access to the KNPIG was limited to Kentucky teachers; however, teachers across the nation and beyond are using the guide to help students all over the world develop strong foundations in mathematics. As of the end of the 2014-15 school year, KNPIG instructional task groups had been accessed more than 16,000 times. Teacher response has been very positive:

“These activities have been wonderful for our students to stay engaged and to also learn the foundational skills necessary to be part of classroom discussions.”
– Kentucky elementary math intervention teacher

“[The] KNP Intervention Guide helps me find the right activity at the right level for my students. Then, it allows me to gradually release that support and encourage students to work independently… [and] they’re having fun!”
– Kentucky district instructional supervisor

Access to the KNPIG is simple and free to all educators. To access the guide, go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Quick Links section. Click the “KNP Intervention Guide” link and you will be directed to the KNP site. Click “register,” enter your information, and a username and password will be sent to you.

Upon entering the site, choose “Resources” in order to access the KNP Intervention Guide. Click that link and enter your email address, and the username and password sent to you by Kentucky Center for Mathematics.

There are options for searching the overall Kentucky Numeracy Project Intervention Guide to access the instructional activities. You can:

  • use the “Search the Intervention Guide” option to provide a drop-down menu that sorts the activities by standard, grade level, task group, etc.
  • choose the “Intervention Guide Index Ordered By Activity ID” option to provide a spreadsheet-type view of all instructional task groups, including some information about each activity.

For additional information about the Kentucky Numeracy Project Intervention Guide, please contact for more information.


Kris Jarboe is a regional mathematics consultant for the Kentucky Center for Mathematics.