“How is the instructional coach role used in your school and how do you see this impact in your classroom?”

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Stephanie Barnett shared her response to last month’s question: “How do you use formative assessment lessons in your classroom and what do you find to be most beneficial in using them?”

“I use formative assessments daily in my classroom, from the fist to five, to exit tickets, I am always checking for student understanding. Many times, I will allow my students to come up with a formative assessment at the end of the class.

“I have had students post “rational” and “irrational” on opposite side of my room and then give each student a Post-it and have them tell whether they would be rational or irrational and why? This allowed me to check my students’ understanding of the two terms and see if they understood the difference. It was very insightful and I was able use that information to plan for my next class.

“Using the formative assessments, I can create groups – ones that need retaught, peer taught and self-guidance. I will provide them activities based on where their understanding is and how to move my students to the next level. I love formative assessments because as an educator, I want to see how my students are doing and how my lessons are being perceived.”