When planning your math lessons, how do you incorporate the standards for mathematical practice (SMP) to ensure students have opportunities to demonstrate their understanding?”

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In response to the question of the month: “In the upcoming months, which topics would you like to read about or be provided with information about in the Kentucky Teacher mathematics section?”

“I attended the KCTM (Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics) 2016 State Conference and participated in ‘Breaking the Code to Solving Word Problems.’ One of the speakers mentioned that manipulatives are for kindergarten through calculus. As a curriculum specialist, I loved this phrase and I have taken back to my school as a non-negotiable for teachers.

“I would love to read about how other teachers are using manipulatives on a daily basis and the importance of the concrete to semi-concrete-abstract progression. I feel that too many teachers are still skipping the concrete stage of mathematical development or that they are rushing through it.”

 – Shannon Brickler, Grant County