Explore this virtual professional learning opportunity that keeps you learning in the field of mathematics from the comfort of your home.

DREME (Development and Research in Early Math Education)
The DREME Network has modules designed to help prospective and practicing teachers of young children develop learning opportunities that are intentional, developmentally appropriate, engaging and playful.

“Intentional” mean that the teacher has a clear mathematical goal in mind, creates learning opportunities designed to support children in achieving those goals and assesses what the children have learned. Settings may range from a classroom with planned activities or centers with guided play, to pretend play and outdoors play. Math learning opportunities may be based on a planned activity or non-prescriptive lesson, or on spontaneous opportunities that emerge through classroom or playground interactions.

Each module is organized in several sections:

  • The Why and What section describes the nature and importance of the mathematical topic.
  • The Mathematics section explains the underlying mathematical ideas.
  • The Development section elucidates the development of children’s mathematical thinking.
  • The Assessment section presents methods for the formative assessment of a child’s learning.
  • The Supporting Classroom Practice section provides activities that teacher educators can use when training prospective and practicing teachers to help them understand issues of mathematics learning and teaching.
  • The Vignettes are examples from actual experiences of teachers, both learning to teach and teaching early math.
  • The Use Cases offer examples of ways the materials might be used in different settings and across different time spans.

There currently are four modules for professional learning, including an overview, counting, spatial relations and operations. Coming soon will be two modules on patterns and algebra, and measurement and data.

These modules are a free resource, although you will need to sign in and create an account.