By Mindy Curless and Christine Duke,

Many new science through-course tasks (TCTs) have been added to the Kentucky Department of Education’s 2017-18 Science TCT Resource Bank, and more will continue to be added throughout the school year.

There currently are at least three tasks at each grade level. Many thanks to the teacher teams who continue to work very hard on the development of these effective tasks!

Here are some reminders regarding the use of science TCTs for the 2017-18 school year:

  • Each teacher of science must use at least two tasks with their students during the school year.
  • If a science course is a semester course, two TCTs should still be used in the course.
  • Teachers should not use TCTs in isolation, but should collaborate with other teachers to plan for effective use, and post-task analysis and debrief.
  • Teachers should NOT use 2016-17 tasks if they have kept them from last year. Most tasks from last year have been revised and are part of the 2017-18 TCT Bank.
  • Each district must submit two pieces of student work per grade level (or course, if appropriate, at the high school level). This is one piece of student work for two different tasks.
  • Instructions related to the submission of student work by districts will be shared through the Commissioner’s Monday Message and other notification outlets.

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