Tuesday, April 20, 2021

New from Everyday Learning on PBS LearningMedia

Look to PBS for new ways to introduce science, social studies, art, math and health concepts to your youngest students.

Reflections on three years of science collaboration

Terry Rhodes shares what she and the teachers she worked with learned through three years of collaboration and networking as part of the Science Teacher Leader Network.
Teresa Rogers

A tool to build academic language in grades 6-8

The Strategic Education Research Partnership has created a free resource to increase students’ opportunities to develop academic language, discussion and argumentation skills.
Joshua Woodward, bottom left, a chemistry/physics teacher at Berea Community High School, and his students say goodbye to a high-altitude weather balloon they launched in April. The launch and the balloon, fitted with three cameras, data recorders and a GPS tracker, was a project-based learning experience for his students. Photo courtesy of Joshua Woodward

Pirates in space

Berea Community High School students planned and carried out an investigation that took place above their classroom. Actually, 107,000 feet above their classroom to be exact!

Real science for real life

One key factor in the fight against forest fires is education. Read about an elementary school lesson plan that explores the mechanics of forest fires.

Super Science Olympics coming to your library

The Living Arts & Science Center in Lexington has introduced a new program just in time for summer, the Super Science Olympics.

Students, teachers and Delta take flight together

Delta Airlines and several school districts across Northern Kentucky have been working together to develop a STEM partnership that will benefit teachers, students, Delta employees and the local economy.

Understanding ecosystems through aquaponics

By making connections between ecosystems and conservation through the construction of a recycled bottle ecosystem, preschoolers discover the intricacies of living things in a hands-on way that allows them to direct their own learning.

Making phenomena academically productive

Are you searching for an anchor phenomenon for a unit of study? Visit Phenomenon for NGSS!

Apply now for the Professional Environmental Educator Certification course

Join the Kentucky Environmental Education Council and dedicated environmental educators from across the state in the upcoming Professional Environmental Educator Certification course.