KET offers three series of videos to aid in the state requirement that middle and high school students learn about the Holocaust.

The KET Lessons of the Holocaust collection includes 18 videos, divided into three subject areas and offering different approaches to the topic.

Murals of the Holocaust, a collection of eight videos, narrates a longtime summer program at Western Kentucky University. The program integrates art and history, concluding with group creation of a mural. Viewers also will hear the stories of a Holocaust survivor and the son of a Holocaust survivor.

Juliek’s Violin includes three videos featuring music of Chopin, Verdi and Beethoven with ties to Holocaust history – the last piece is paired with excerpts from Elie Weisel’s “Night,” describing a young musician playing Beethoven’s violin concerto in a concentration camp.

The final piece is played on a Violin of Hope, a restored instrument owned and played by a Jewish musician during the Holocaust.

Teaching the Holocaust consists of seven videos featuring two Louisville middle school teachers.

Fred Whittaker, a teacher at St. Francis of Assisi School, discusses the appropriate age to begin studying the Holocaust, community service and how to talk about the dynamics of “otherness.” His students also create personal emotional connections by matching pictures of themselves with similar pictures of Jews who died in the Holocaust.

Drama teacher Kim Joiner of Noe Middle School (Jefferson County) discusses incorporating the arts into Holocaust history, with discussions of social justice, sensitively dealing with the emotional impact and respectfully connecting Holocaust studies to the drama classroom.