The Virtual Quilt offers a unique arts education experience for educators and students by offering a free, ever-changing digital patchwork that is also a never-ending art installation. The quilt invites individuals to become a part of the exhibit as it continues to grow and help aspiring artists grow through creativity, self-discovery and respect.

The quilt evolves and grows with each upload. Users “embroider” their installation by selecting the image or video they wish to upload. Users can upload the location where they first discovered the art, share a story behind it and their emotional response to it. All submissions are approved by a tech team. After a piece is uploaded, a URL will be emailed to the person sharing the art to save their square.

In addition to the quilt, online classroom resources provided by GroovalutionaryU guide kids of all ages through modules that encourage hands-on and/or interactive experiences using the Virtual Quilt. The resources include creating writing topics designed as individual activities that could be done as group discussions. The quilt’s curriculum dives into thoughtful and respectful dialogue, social-emotional awareness and creative exercises that support self-discovery for lifelong learners. No other additional tools are needed to engage.

The Virtual Quilt was created by Ellee Van, a former middle school teacher, Kentucky arts enthusiast and international vocal performing artist.