Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Kentucky granted NCLB flexibility request

The U.S. Department of Education (USED) announced today that Kentucky’s application for flexibility under federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind (ESEA/NCLB) has been approved.

Federal waiver driving new accountability system

Schools will have an annual goal and a five-year target for proficiency under Kentucky’s proposed accountability model.

Waiver will provide accurate, reliable picture of school progress

It was my great pleasure to participate in the 2012 Kentucky Teacher of the Year announcement two weeks ago.  As I told those who gathered...

Assessment data to be released

The Kentucky Department of Education will release data related to student assessment scores on Tuesday, Sept. 27.  Three report sections will be made publicly available...

Board finalizes assessment and accountability system

Kentucky's assessment and accountability system is finalized.

Kentucky taking steps to see that accountability system works

Recent issues in Atlanta, Pennsylvania and other areas have raised the profile on cheating on tests. The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is taking...

Board delays counting Program Reviews, gets first look at weights of...

Program Reviews will not be counted as part of Kentucky’s accountability system next school year, although schools will still implement them, under a plan presented to the Kentucky Board of Education at its June 8 meeting.

Testing part of new state accountability system complete; other work remains

State end-of-course assessments for high school students will count at least 20 percent of a student’s overall course grade or school districts will have to explain why not as part of the state’s new assessment and accountability system that starts next school year.

Board makes assessment and accountability system easier to understand

The Kentucky Board of Education simplified how test scores will be used to calculate how well schools are doing in the new assessment and accountability system during its February meeting.

New accountability model begins to take shape

The Kentucky Board of Education took steps to establish a new ssessment and accountability system will drive schools and districts to improve to make sure students graduate college and career ready at its December meeting.