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Pirates in space

Berea Community High School students planned and carried out an investigation that took place above their classroom. Actually, 107,000 feet above their classroom to be exact!

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Superintendent’s Spotlight: Mike Hogg, Berea Independent

Mike Hogg The Berea Independent School District’s slogan of being “kid driven” is reflected throughout the school district. To support that slogan, the district established three goals: all students progressing through the rigorous curriculum, all students being on-Track for meeting college readiness benchmarks by graduation, and all students developing 21st Century citizenship skills which include creativity, critical-thinking, collaboration, [...]

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Dr. Seuss in the classroom

The March 2 birthday of author Dr. Seuss gave teachers across the nation an opportunity to include a little craziness into their classrooms. With his birthday landing on a Saturday this year, activities took place last week, but also are planned for this week.

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